My 1st Original Album and Pocket Money


hello..hmm..this about my story..not sad but…

for 1st time I used my own money for bought ORIGINAL ALBUM

and It cause CNBLUE XD

I like their song,performance,face,their music instrument,etc. hard to describe

T^T I know them at 2010 (Curly Jonghyun’s time) hiks..

I must know them at 2009 then….

Im happy when I receive buy the 1st step regular version  suddenly their company release the LIMITED lol…ahahahha..lucky me..their 1st step original version..ahh my parent bought the regular version for me) so I decide to buy it with my own money

first step limited edition CD

look like discography

back side of the album

yonghwa’s part >,<

Cool Kitten Jonghyun >///<

Orange Jungshin *.*

Minhyukkie~~~he is cute XD

I love this part…so much XD *jonghyun and white shirt

adorable CNBLUE

at least…this album is not my first album that I have..but this is the 1st album that I bought with my own money …

Im happy 🙂

Ill use my own money for the other of their album ^^


bye shopping, bye BIG SALE….



2 thoughts on “My 1st Original Album and Pocket Money

  1. so…as for your very junior…i want to bragging myself…i bought all FTISLAND’s dvd by myself kkkk (okay, the money is from “UANG SAKU” hahaha)

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