Lovely Tea – Train

last day I hear this song from my friend mp3 player . At 1st ..woah..its kind of swing, and sweet pop genre. I love this genre. When try to search the lyric. wahhh..its so..simple with alot of sweet meaning behind. High recomended ^^ by the way the band is from my town “Surabaya” its Indie band 


Once day i was left by my train
When i supposed to going
Cause i stuck in traffic and my car

Was stalled just want retiring
Help me would you like to bring
My destiny please don’t act gloomy
But how can they respect
With a sympathy when feel depress
Then i saw a tower clock
I think i have still a luck
When i run to catch up, look the train
Streamin’ accross my eyes

Please guys don’t give up or hopeless
This life not accomplished
The way or path that you choose
Is describe the way you are

Time will tell that you can’t repeat
Any false that you can do
And the train will come here soon
And the train will come with me
And the train will come to you
To pick up….

(Credit :

Download link for mp3 Lovely Tea- Train


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