Random: Forever

Im forever loving this CD (ASSADAADA AUTOGRAPH)

and the whole song

My Favorite is TRAVEL

Idk..but maybe it cause Im lovin adventure and travel..hahhaha…

but but..the other song also good 🙂

No wonder..JUNIEL is Awesome singer-songwriter  

Its her major debut album

Named “Forever”

Forever album cover 🙂 Im happy..she wrote my name. her sign forever cute

this The back of the album 🙂 cute..Juniel with her lovely (friend)  accoustic guitar

I do love the CD ..its with daisy’s flower (I think..I hope its DAISY..hahaha)

Juniel’s accoustic guitar laying (?)  in the flower ground XD

The Forever album is Juniel’s album for her major debut  after she released 2 album before for her Indie’s (‘Ready Go!’ and ‘Dream and hope’).  She write the lyric and composed all of the 3 tracks in this album. When I hear and try to understand all of song that she write and composed, hmmm..its kind of ‘sweet feeling from ordinary strong girl’. I cant give any comment to this album. For me, Its awesome. I like all of her song. She is really a musician and different. I hope she will survive with her own charm when she gonna debut in korea.

By the way, The lyrics 🙂 ..I love TRAVEL song..but but..the other song also good to hear.. and its so cheerful like Juniel’s habit (?). About Forever and Hoshinoojisama. Forever is made to show her sympathy for Japan disaster. I can get it from “Forever you, もう泣かないで私は今ここにいる”. When I hear hoshinoojisama, its remind me on shiina ringo’s genre (?) kkkk.. I adore this kind of genre like “mask” in dream and hope album and Pinocchio in her upcoming album “sakura todokanu omoi”. Cuz with that kind of song, I can feel her unique and pretty voice.

by the way the CD included 4 track:

1. Forever

2. Hoshinoojisama

3. Travel

4. Forever (Instrumental)

*Its High Recomended >< You will killed by her angel voice and I hope FNC let her composed and make lyrics like what she did in japan for her upcoming korean debut.


3 thoughts on “Random: Forever

  1. Hello eonni! It’s me, Guia. (@cnaqcguia). Just dropped by your blog. ^^
    Btw, may I just ask what’s the font you used in your header? The one in “the things that i like”? Thanks. :))

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