MOCCA ‘Colours’ Album

Hello ^^

Im back with the new ‘the thing that I adore’ ! Tadaaa.. this is Mocca ‘Colours’ album. Yeah, one of my favorite band! One of a kind from Indonesia. Finally, I have one of their album. I like them maybe around 7 years ago cuz “secret admirer’ song. Thats when Im still in junior high school.

In this album all of the song is written well and really good to hear for relaxing ^^ I love swing and jazz that they put in their music. I recommended you to hear “The best thing” (pssst…Im glad if you like that too).

Colours has 13 tracks which most of the songs are composed and arranged by Mocca except ‘Sing’ and ‘hyper-ballad’.

The Tracks that included in album are:

  • I love you anyway
  • You don’t even know me
  • (I can’t believe) You’ve cheated on me!
  • Dear Diary
  • You
  • Do What you wanna do
  • Seven days ago
  • The best thing
  • Hyper-Ballad
  • Sing
  • The object of my affection
  • Let me go
  • Ode for the love ones

 Nowadays, I really enjoy my trip during goin to university with Mocca’s song 🙂 Ill anticipating and waiting their next album or re-release album ^^.

Have good day everyone ^^



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