Best Things in 2012

Hello there!

I got alot of nice things rather than bad things in 2012 kkkk (keep up till 2013 please).

For me these are the best things in 2012!

Start from January, The FTISLAND’s signed shirt arrived in my house..huhuhuhu this shirt must came early. (pzzzz lee hongki hold this shirt /aww hongki’s hand/)

FTIsigned shirt

and then around March.. a lovely boice sister give me CNBLUE’s album 

Big Thank You to Devy Mommie ^^ I like Lee Jonghyun He is one of my favorit guitarist and composer


Then in May, this is my favorite month in this 2012. A thing made me shed tears /cry cuz happiness/ that handsome FTISLAND’s bassist replied my random tweet. I LOVE HIM!kkkkkk

Jaejin replied METhe Translate is:

Me: Many people say that you are cute but in my opinion, I think you are handsome 🙂

Jaejin: yes you are right ^^ (he isnt only RTed me but replied me after my tweet *weird style* kk)

*Its confirmed that he has prince syndrome

Next, around June I decide to using another make up tools. kkkkk This is the things that I used untill this last 2012


Around August I got alot of FTISLAND’s Concert copied CDs kkkk and that little sister gave me this pin. This is from her PlayFTI DVD concert CD (1st time I have official things from FTISLAND kkkk)


In October I got another JUNIEL’s Signed CD 🙂 Its her korean debut CD album ^^ 

juniel signed CD

December!! This is my birth month and jaejin  XD I received so many gifts and wishes ^^ Thank you the loveliest peoples in my world. Thank u Nivi Unni, Thank U Nikey Unni and thank u mom 🙂


and This birthday cute drawing by Nina (Top) and Eva. Nina draw latte and hello kitty kkkkkkkk remind me of my self and Jaejin >< and Eva draw pretty handsome Goat XD super remind me of Jaejin.


And BIG THANKS to God who give me alot of nice things this year and let me breathe till now. Thank you for my lovely friends ^^ You are all DAEBAK kkkk . I hope 2013 will have good and better things ^^ and I hope this 2013 I can graduate and get nice work. I want to reach my dream.

”2013 be nice to me”


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